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Home Remedies to Get Rid of SIBO September 28, 2015 Editorial Staff

Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) is characterized by diminished levels of ‘good’ bacteria’ and excessive growth of ‘bad’ bacteria in the gut (dysbiosis) that leads to impaired digestive health. SIBO is linked with several gut-related and systemic conditions including irritable […]


Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is not a new creation. It’s been around for ages, and has been used as a home remedy for just about everything from skin care, to flu symptoms, to warts. People swear by its seemingly magical […]

%Mate_Title% 7+ Ways To Get Rid of Hickey Fast November 5, 2015 DrGoel

A hickey, which is also known as a ‘love bite’ or a more sedate ‘kiss mark’, tends to occur after a passionate physical exchange between lovers. It may happen to you if your lover kisses or bites on your skin […]

Many people who shave, tweeze, or wax tend to experience a type of skin irritation called razor burn, and this skin condition often triggers tiny and itchy inflammations usually referred to as razor bumps. Razor bumps, which are medically known […]

%Mate_Title% %Mate_Description% 9 Home Remedies to Get Rid of Mosquito Bites & Stop Itching October 31, 2015 DrGoel

Mosquitoes can be a nuisance both indoors and outdoors. While males are harmless, feeding only on water and nectar, female mosquitoes need blood to survive. Blood from humans and mammals allows these insects to reproduce. As a result, the females […]

What does it mean when you sprain your ankle? The word sprain is used pretty liberally in the common vocabulary. As one can now guess, an ankle sprain is a bit different from hurting one’s ankle. You are only suffering […]

Becoming pregnant is a life changing event in every woman’s life.  However, once a menstrual cycle goes missing, the average woman will want to confirm pregnancy by taking a home pregnancy test. What follows are some important questions and answers […]

Anyone who has ever been stung by a bee or a wasp knows that it is no laughing matter. It is extremely painful, because both bees and wasps insert a venom-laced stinger into the skin. The main difference between hornet, […]

Many women invest in fake eyelashes and buy lash accelerator mascaras just to make their eyelashes appear longer and thicker. While these cosmetic products may give you that gorgeous look, they tend to do more harm than good in the […]

A boil is a skin infection that originates on a hair follicle or an oil gland. The infected area turns red and a small bump develops on it shortly afterwards. In about 4 to 7 days, the bump turns white […]

Renal lithiasis or nephrolithiasis, more commonly known as kidney stones are acid salts or mineral deposits in your kidneys. Kidney stones may be formed because of a wide variety of reasons. Although they typically do not cause any lasting damage, […]

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What is IBS? Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is one of the most common functional gastrointestinal disorders and is characterized by chronic abdominal pain and discomfort, bloating and alterations in bowel habits[1]. A meta-analysis including 260,960 subjects showed that the prevalence […]

If you are afraid of travelling because you don’t know when you’ll need to go to the bathroom or you are afraid of trying different meals at restaurants as you often experience diarrhea, you certainly have a digestive issue and […]

%Mate_Title% Probiotics: Side Effects and Safety September 28, 2015 DrGoel

What are Probiotics? The word probiotic which means ‘ for life’ was coined in 1965 by Lilly and Stillwell [1] and is defined as live microorganisms, which when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host. Probiotics […]



SIBO and Liver Diseases September 28, 2015 DrGoel

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is characterized by the presence of >10 5 colony forming units (CFU)/ml in the jejunal aspirate.  SIBO occurs as a result of disruption of the gut microbial community in response to various environmental and genetic […]

%Mate_Title% SIBO and Probiotics September 28, 2015 Editorial Staff

The Gut Microbiome Human gut is home to ~100 trillion microbes (collectively referred to as gut microbiome) which play a major role in controlling many aspects of host physiology and pathophysiology. Gut microbiome makes up about 2 kg of total […]

Any food or nutrients that cannot be processed by the digestive organs of the human body are called dietary fiber or roughage. Fiber absorbs excess water from ingested food and helps the movement of food along the digestive tract, thus […]

In the modern lifestyle, stress is being an omnipresent part of our life. Literally, stress denotes emotional or mental stress and physiological or physical stress. In a stressful event, our body likely responds with sympathetic nervous system, release of various […]

%Mate_Title% Sibo Recipes September 28, 2015 Editorial Staff

A dietary approach towards treating SIBO Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO is a condition caused by misplaced gut bacteria. Treating SIBO can be really tricky. To treat this condition, doctors have prescribed antibiotics like metronidazole or levofloxacin in the […]

What is GERD? Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) is a chronic gastrointestinal disorder where there is a reflux of stomach contents into the esophagus. GERD affects 18.1%–27.8% in North America, 8.8%–25.9% in Europe, 2.5%–7.8% in East […]

Many people think that it is our stomach that digests our food for us. This is not completely true. Our stomach produces gastric juices, which is primarily made up of hydrochloric acid. [1] This helps break down the food, making […]

%Mate_Title% SIBO and Hormonal Imbalance September 28, 2015 Editorial Staff

There are many factors that are said to cause SIBO. Malfunctioning of the MMC waves, reduced secretion of gastric acid, viral infections or even some medications have also been shown to cause bacterial overgrowth in small intestines. But do hormonal […]

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth or SIBO is misunderstood. As the name suggests, people suffer from this disease when there is too much bacterial fauna in the small intestine. Is SIBO caused by good bacteria or bad bacteria? There is a […]

Dark circles are one of the most common signs of ageing. In people who suffer from it, the lower eye-lids and the surrounding area is of a much darker shade, compared to the rest of the face. Causes: Majority of […]

For most people, having blemish-free skin and a glowing complexion is a clear indication of beauty. Unfortunately, for a good number of people, this desire is made almost impossible to achieve with the presence of dark spots on the face […]

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